Ziggurat of UR



Note: Most of my information was derived from “Genesis of the Grail Kings,” by late author Laurence Gardner (pages 32-36).


Before you dare look behind today’s curtain, please know that I mean no disrespect to you or any religion.  I’m not here to offend.  What I am here for, is to share some “hidden” or suppressed historical details, that if taken as a possibility, can open galactic sized doors towards a better understanding of our place in this universe.  Simply put: I’m here to provide a gentle nudge for you to take a look at how we got here today.  Before you can really look, you must decide to temporarily suspend your beliefs (don’t worry, the truth can survive without me or you) before you can contemplate a different perspective: not better, not superior, nor holier, just different.  If you’re not ready to temporarily suspend your beliefs, please do not proceed, for you’ll just hurt yourself.  However, if you are, then without further ado…

Most average Bible readers may know that Moses himself did not write the Torah (Hebrew for Law) or Pentateuch (Greek for five-part-work), but they are believed to be inspired from the teachings of Moses.  The first part of Genesis was not written until 6 BC.  What happened in 6 BC?  Why the Israelites were taken captive by Babylon (Iraq, formerly known as Sumeria).

Most average Bible readers know that Abram lived with his father, Terah, in the land of UR.  What some don’t know is that UR was part of the Sumerian city-state in ancient Mesopotamia. 

Why is this important?  Because from Adam to Abram, they all were Sumerians.  And they all worshipped a group or pantheon of gods.  Don’t get rattled by this, please.  Read on.

Abram’s father served in the massive Ziggurat temple in UR as a high priest.  The Sumerians worshipped a pantheon, or group of gods and goddesses, that they called, you guessed it, Elohim!  What Bible scholars know, is that the second Creation story (Gen 2:5-25) is attributed to an author called the Javhist.  Why?  Because, he replaced the Sumerian pantheon term Elohim, with JHWH, which became Yahweh, and later Jehovah.  In Canaanite culture, thanks to Noah’s grandson, Canaan, the term Elohim was plural for El or Eloh, which by interpretation means “Lord” or “Lofty One.”

If you’ve followed me, you can see that in Genesis 3:5 (For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. – King James Bible), the word “gods” in the original language is Elohim.

What’s even more incredible, is that, according to Canaanite religion, El Elyon was married to Astoreth, and one of their son’s name was Baal.  Yes, Jehovah’s wife was called Astoreth!  For El and Jehovah are one and the same.  As a matter of fact, none of these associations were known until recently.  It wasn’t until 1929, when a vast library of ancient texts was uncovered in the ancient city of Ugarit (now called Ras Shamra, located in north-western Syria), which shed much light on the early Canaanite religious system.  The writings, dating back around 1400 BC, identifies El Elyon’s consort as  Asherah (or Astoreth).

According to author Laurence Gardner, early Canaanite writings found in 1929, indicate that El Elyon governed from a place “at the headwaters of the two rivers (the Tigris and Euphrates).  From this same place, El Elyon would receive ambassadors and settle disputes.  His principal son was Baal (Lord), along with his other brothers Yamm, Mot, Shahar and Shalem (from which we get Yuru-shalem (Jerusalem)”

Are you seeing the connections? 

So, did the early Israelites worship El Elyon, Baal, and Asherah?  Yes!  The early Israelites worshipped their god, goddess, and Baal, the principal son.  Essentially, the early Hebrews were polytheistic, just like the rest of the world.

When did this change?  Not until about 1060 B.C. (See 1 Sam 7:4)  And, even though early writers replaced the Canaanite term Elohim (gods) with Jehovah, it still does not negate the fact that both the Canaanites and Israelites both worshipped Elohim!  Why even the name Israel is really IS-RA-EL, which can be interpreted as Soldier of EL.  And, I also noticed that many of the Angel names end in –EL:

  • GAB-RI-EL = Hebrew for “Strong Man of EL”
  • MI-CHA-EL = Hebrew for “Who is like EL”

Another name for El Elyon is IL or, according to the Sumerians, EN-LIL.  Another Canaanite name for El Elyon is El Shaddai (Lord of the Mountain).

Linguistic Connection between Enlil and Allah.



Hopefully, my gentle nudge does not come across as a push instead.  But, before you close your eyes, I have one last point.

What is the best way to ensure that a people created to serve a pantheon of gods, stayed under the control of the few gods over the many people?  By each “god” demonizing and outlawing polytheism among the naïve earthlings.  How clever and devious!

Our creators knew that once we believe a thing, as part of our power, we would make it so!

Imagine, a people creating their own prisons from the very faith that they believe is their freedom!  Remember, lies become truth to those who FIRMLY believe it.  And, the only ones who suffer are the followers; the reapers are the so called gods!  Think about it!  Each god placed an imaginary wall around their followers called “monotheism.”  And these same gods, who themselves are not gods, but advanced beings, use fear and the threat of a nonexistent heaven or hell to keep 7 billion people divided and conquered.

It’s impossible for any one person to pierce your beliefs!  I’d never try.

So, instead, I appeal to that part of you that senses that we were meant to do more than just endure religious wars, famine and inequality.

My fellow earthlings of all faiths and persuasions, all of us have been duped or hoodwinked in one way or another!  I implore you to take the best of your religion that promotes universal peace, and cast away everything that promotes division and hate, and let’s find our own path to a higher place of peace and enlightenment.  We can become our own Elohim!

Please come back for the next installment.  Until then, peace be with you and yours forever!


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