Copyright 1985 United Support of Artists for Africa


Many deep, troubling, even wondrous topics full of esoteric insights swirled around in my heart, struggling against the tragedies in Gaza, Israel, and the Ukraine.  Out of respect for the seriousness of these world events, I dare not attempt to craft a message that ignores these acts of violence.  I believe that those who orchestrated these tragedies want nothing more than for the world to constantly dwell on each of these atrocities until we’re all filled with the dissonance that emanates from war and senseless evil.  Instead, I want to invite my audience to allow a beautiful song to heal your heart and mind, to lift your soul into a more peaceful state of mind.  For by the power of love, hope, courage, and peace alone will we be able to draw the strength from within and from the Universe to repel the negativity around us, and transfer the true power from our enemies back into our hands.

Awaken and let us remember: we are one!


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