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Late November, several years ago, while serving as a young Christian prophet, I visited an Apostolic Church for the second time.  I only knew a handful of people in the church so I was still self-conscious of the judging eyes that one experiences as a new member.  At the end of this particular service I joined hands with everyone and bowed my head as the church’s assistant pastor led us all in prayer.  Having been filled with the Holy Ghost for several years by this time, I could sense that God was about to move.  Sure enough, as if on cue, one very young brother walked in the middle of the prayer circle and just stood there quietly praying.  As I watched him with squinted eyes (for I peeked a lot when our heads were bowed – didn’t like surprises of any sort), I heard the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit say, “Go and pray for him.” No, I said.  I just got here.  They’re gonna think I’m showing off or something…”  Go pray for him.”  No, I inwardly said.  “If you don’t go, I’m going to send someone else,” said the Holy Spirit.  That got my attention, for I never wanted someone doing what I should’ve done….just then I received an immediate flash vision of three angels in a “V” formation.  This faith booster is all I needed to focus on the task at hand.

No sooner had I entered the circle and got within one foot of laying hands on the young man, when the Shekinah glory of God fell on everyone in the room in a mighty forceful wave of joy and electric power!  Everyone who had the gift of tongues broke out in spontaneous languages, others jumped for joy, and the young man fell on the ground under the power of God.  I was amazed at this powerful move of God.

At the present, as an awakened one who now sees that our world’s Gods are not even gods, but merely advanced beings who control us by masquerading as “The Only Gods,” AND with the knowledge that since they are not gods, there’s no such thing as “blaspheming against the Holy Ghost,” I’m able to explore other possibilities for the phenomenon known as the Holy Spirit.

Firstly, much to the dismay of our male-driven world, the Holy Spirit is a She, not a “He.”  The gender is a component of the word “Shekhina.”

Secondly, as helpful and as captivating as the Holy Spirit can be, it appears to simply be a clever puppet master.  For those under her sway, the Holy Spirit is a strong affirmer of all things Christian.  And the Holy Ghost, as some call her, is under a protective warning that if anyone dares blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, this “sin” would not be forgiven in this world or in the world to come?  In light of evidence that the God of the Bible is no true god, the same applies to this blasphemy!

Lastly, our advanced creators are dangerously clever.  Before we can hope to escape their influence we must continue to saturate ourselves with a stream of the purest doses of truth we can uncover.  I hope against hope that we will find our way into greater light day by day.

I welcome your comments and feedback.


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