Guy Fawks Mask


Best known by the “Guy Fawkes” mask, Anonymous is a self-proclaimed truth movement group.  Working with no defined hierarchy, Anonymous managed to influence millions globally to join their movement to raise awareness of government corruption, the need for fair justice, restored freedom and the cessation of war across the planet.  This was no small feat.

Getting ten people together these days can be challenging, let alone thousands.  This is a proud day for Anonymous!  However, that which makes Anonymous great, is also part of their liability: the absence of a defined hierarchy and the wearing of masks.

One online member said, “I don’t mind them wearing the masks, as long as they don’t come near my children.  Those masks scare the crap out of my kids!”

For others, like @anon99percenter, they believe the “Guy Fawkes” mask will imbue their children with hope.

Go figure.

And where did the Anons get the idea from anyway?

MMM in 463 citiesAnonymous chose a British celebration from 1605, called Guy Fawkes Night or Day, to launch their Million Mask March, itself a spinoff from the 1995 Million Man March by Louis Farrakhan, designed to enhance cohesion in the Black Male populace within the USA.

The lone freedom fighter in the Warner Brothers movie, V for Vendetta, wore the Guy Fawkes mask, which was the direct inspiration for Anonymous’ choice of the mask.

One young man has already made up his mind about the march.  Michael Visser said, “First of all, I think the support everyone showed for the MMM was fantastic.  But, I personally believe that some of the events [were] blown out of proportion.  Like the numbers for London were great but some of the acts that went on were far from necessary.  I was reading a BBC article earlier.  Apparently some woman got attacked by some folks wearing Guy Fawkes masks on the 5th.  As we all know, any Anon protest is supposed to be peaceful, but folks were getting way too rowdy.  In DC, they tore a barrier down and nearly stormed the FB HQ!”

Michael admits he was unable to attend, but says Anonymous are his heroes.

The same cannot be said for the woman Michael alluded to, who was attacked during the march.

A comedy agent and producer, Corrie McGuire, was in London the night of the march on a bus, that became blocked by protesters.  In the London Evening Standard, McGuire said, “The police were advancing on the protesters to move them off the bridge and I was just behind them. There was a person in a mask remonstrating with the officers talking about how they had pensions.

“As I asked if I could go through, the person turned to me saying ‘it’s alright for you, not all of us have mummies and daddies to look after us,’ and then he lunged at me and grabbed my coat and pushed me back up against the line of police.”

I mean there was so much lost opportunity [for] stronger messaging and discipline, in my opinion – said @NameFeggit

Anonymous’ modus operandi entails the avoidance of a defined hierarchy, and the mantra: We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

They claim that because they have no defined leadership, but are a movement of ideals, that they therefore cannot be stopped.

“This structure, or lack thereof, renders Anonymous effectively unstoppable.  Individual members and small groups of hackers might vandalize the sites of various organizations like HBGary, Koch Industries, and the Westboro Baptist Church, but they aren’t acting as part of an organization, cell, or grand conspiracy. There is no ringleader, or even membership outside of whatever individuals decide to act. They simply raise the flag of Anonymous and fight under it until they feel they’re done. Then they lower the flag and blend into the Internet once again. No real organization, just forum-dwellers or IRC-dwellers mobilizing, acting, and resting.”

Quote Source:,2817,2381113,00.asp

This MO is good on paper, but not necessarily in practice.

Typically, the greater the size of an organization, the greater the need for bureaucracy, which acts as a structure to help its adherents maintain focus and effectiveness.  The brilliance of Anonymous shows, as they are both nimble, effective and courageous.

The absence a structure does, however, create a void, often filled by whim and mayhem, as expressed by Tenacitor V2.1’s comments below:


Another weakness of the group is their use of masks.  Most people distrust anyone wearing a mask.  Some truthseekers expressed the belief that no “real” truther would ever resort to wearing a mask.  They even went so far as to claim that Anonymous, the Occupy movement and were financially supported by George Soros.  At first, I thought this was a wild accusation spawned by cowards too afraid to get out and picket themselves.  But after just a few minutes of digging, the money trail exists between Anonymous and Mr. Soros.

The proverbial plot thickens, as one source received a tip that some NSA and CIA operatives have infiltrated the Anonymous movement.

One member of the “” forum even went so far as to claim he befriended some online Anonymous members, one of which said, “Hey, did anyone get their check from Soros yet?  Mine is late.”  The forum member allegedly relayed this information to the Department of Homeland Security, who, after an inquiry, confirmed that the Anonymous check dialogue came from Anonymous members already under an FBI investigation.  Since the forum member failed to make a digital copy of the discourse, there’s no way to verify his claim.

There’s one thing we can verify, and it’s that these MMM are not entirely peaceful.

There were a few hotspots on Nov 5th, such as London, District of Columbia and Ferguson, Missouri, USA.

In London, a peaceful march nearly got out of control.  In the District of Columbia, protesters, said Michael Visser, tore down a barricade and nearly stormed the FBI HQ building.

In Ferguson, the disruption of peace wasn’t, as you’d expect, between protestors and the police, but rather between the Ferguson protestors and the MMM protestors.


Ever since police officer Darren Wilson expended six rounds into Mike Brown, killing him on Aug 9, 2014, the cry for justice has gone out daily.  The cries seem to have fallen on deaf ear, for according to leaked sources, there are no plans for the St. Louis County grand jury to indict Darren Wilson on any serious charges in the shooting of Mike Brown.  A sense of helplessness has taken its toll on the psyche of the town’s residents.  Their frustrations have turned to anger over time.  Consequently, they have a very different investment in their protests than any outsider, regardless of the good intention.

Take for example, the poem written by Ferguson a young African-American man, Jason Fotso.

Voice for Ferguson Youth

Poem written by Ferguson resident Jason Fotso (aka on Twitter @Voice )


I watched a few live streamed videos of the Ferguson and MMMs for about 1.5 hours.  Here’s an excerpt of their interactions.

UStream – Argus Streaming News –

[Timeline: Nov 5th, 2014, around 10:20 p.m. CT/GMT: Nov 6th, 2014 at 4:20 a.m.]

The streets were dark, with the exception of light from a few street lamps.  Cars honked their horns constantly in anger or agreement at the protestors.

In the middle of a crowd of MMMs and Ferguson protestors, the Argus video streamer followed, as he asked, “Where are we going?  Let’s turn back.”

[They were on Elizabeth Avenue – an affluent neighborhood]

“No,” said another marcher. “The city manager lives down there.  We’re going down there,” while pointing farther down a dark road.

Fifteen minutes later, they ran into a line of police blocking the passage all across the road.

Police – “You must disperse. Clear the roadway or you will be arrested.”

“If you move, we’ll move,” said one vocal marcher.

Protestors began chanting – “Whose street? Our street! Whose street? Our street!

Ten minutes later, the marchers vocally retreated to their point of origin – an area in front of the Ferguson Police Department, where they began their march.

Police helicopter can be heard buzzing above protestors.

“The helicopters are guarding more affluent neighborhoods,” said the video streamer.

The marches stopped at one intersection, and voices became angry and loud.  One faceless Ferguson voice rose above all others with the words, “Get the f— on then!!!  You can go wherever you want, but we’re going this way!”

Several MMM protestors, the streamer said, were not willing to follow the Ferguson group onto West Florissant, because of the demographics [codeword for large numbers of blacks].  Angry voices laden with epithets filled the night air.  The amount of emotion flooded the senses.  The tension was palatable.

Some disillusioned and confused MMMs began separating from the Ferguson group.

The angry Ferguson men and women then started infighting and arguing with the remaining Masked Marchers.  Things appeared to get totally out of control!

One Ferguson African American woman walked up to the Argus streamer and pleaded with him please don’t show this.  Please!  This is what they expect.”

But by then it was too late.

The streamer couldn’t bring himself to disclose this fact, but merely lowered his camera and changed the subject.

Just when all seemed a bust, one insightful Ferguson protestor began chanting, “Mike Brown Means, We Got to Fight Back, Mike Brown Means, We Got to Fight Back, Fight Back, Fight Back!” 

The arguing stopped.  The one unifying voice helped the protestors regain their sense of purpose and relative peace.

UStream – million mask march on Stackizshort – One streamer was told the police were using “Jump Out Teams” to drive by, swoop up targeted people, then drive quickly off!

Marchers were passed by 7 police cars and 1 van, as the protestors yelled “F— the police, F— the police,” over and over.

Stackizshort said, There’s no violence or rocks being thrown and yet I still get trolled for not showing the “real protest.”

She said,“People are just sitting down and getting pepper sprayed right in the face.”

Switched to UStream channel “Fergusonlive” – with user “Vendetta mask.”

The crowd came to a standstill in front of the Ferguson PD.

An unknown female leader, likely the voice or reason earlier, encouraged all Ferguson protestors to lock arms saying, “If they take one, they’ll have to take us all.  Work smarter, not harder.”

GreatFergusonMMMOne of the protestors waved the American Flag. 

After heated chanting led by a few talented protest leaders, the police just simply made a left-facing movement and filed into the Ferguson PD building.  Without an audience, after ten or more minutes, the protestors themselves filed away.

One Ferguson woman got the last word.  “I know one thing.  These M—- F—— violated my civil rights!  I’m going to sue the h— out of their a$$”

[End of video streaming commentary]

Finally, it’s been two days since the march, and one has to ask the question – was the march successful?  Time will tell.

The more important questions are: Are you ready to join in the fight for freedom, fair justice and peace!  If not, when?  If not you, who will make a difference?

You don’t have to wear an Anonymous mask to become an effective protestor.  Wearing the mask offers brand recognition – freedom fighters!  However, the guy or gal wearing the mask next to you could be your best friend, or your worse enemy.  And who would be the wiser?

What’s even more troubling, is in some locations, wearing the Guy Fawkes, or any other mask is becoming outlawed.

As of Nov 2012, it’s illegal to wear the Guy Fawkes mask in Dubai and in Canada.  And if you wear the mask in the latter location, you could face up to 10 years in prison.

In the District of Columbia, wearing ANY mask over a certain age could be problematic.  Per DC Code 22-3312.03, effective Sep 2014, DC forbids anyone over 16 years of age from wearing a mask, hood or device that conceals any or all of their face, if the purpose of the mask is to intimidate or limit any official from their constitutional rights to provide equal protection and due process provisions for DC citizens.

Seeking truth comes with a price, but once it’s paid, its fruit is far more sweeter than that which yields from lies.

Prison sentence for wearing mask in Canada:

MillionMaskMarch site:



DC Code banning the donning of hoods or masks:

Assaulted woman:

George Soros in bed with Occupy Movement (part of Anonymous) and (1)  (2) (3)


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