This news, after dealing with the recent string of police “no-indictment decisions,” compelled me to withhold this post for a while, so as to prevent its loss in the midst of the justified angry social storm!


I, too, feel the anger, shock and dismay at this turn of events that gives one the impression the judicial and law enforcement entities have all but abandoned the constitution.  Remember that last word: abandoned.  For this is what is clearly the case on a small scale, with a promise of more to come, based on the following sources.


“Love is a trap.  When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows.” – Paulo Coelho (Love, Light Shadows)

“Attacks of injustice like rogue waves, lift their ugly heads with increasing frequency.  They are just as likely to crush the sleeper or the awakened alike.  However, only those who face these waves head on, stand a remote chance of surviving their aftermath.” – Brown Bugle (2014)

(To fully appreciate the weight of this post, I suggest the reader begin with Part I)

Some seemingly fair minded citizens feel the protestors are taking the #MikeBrown Ferguson chant “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement way too far.  Others sharply disagree!  The  Mike Brown protests swept to over 170 other cities in the USA and abroad, from Ferguson to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York and beyond.

As emotions and voices across the globe were raised in protest, a bigger global plan began to unfold with a hastened pace of its own.

Before you can fathom the full gravity of what’s to come, you’ll have to abandon something of your own: the concept of loving all others the way you love yourself!  You see, I don’t love you!

What did I say?  I don’t love you!  That’s right!

Now get over it, because I’m not the only one who thinks this way!  I’m just one of a handful of honest folk, transparent enough to tell you the honest truth!  And, guess what?  If the idea of me not loving is incompatible with your understanding of the universe, you’re going to have the worse 2015 possible.  But, if you can at least suspend judgment and honestly consider this reality, there’s hope for you yet.

Why don’t I love you?  Because, after all I’ve seen and learned since my awakening, I’ve concluded this: “love” is just one of many tools used to disarm and patronize earthlings into passivism and complacency.

You see, there’s a real quiet living monster alive on our planet.  This monster is not Godzilla, Dracula or a fanged tooth green-eyed alien (not yet) threatening to swoop down and strike us all with deadly fire, fangs or plasma guns.  Nothing this nice.  What we’ll have to face will affect nearly all citizens, except those earmarked for exclusion.

What am I talking about?  Take a moment to look over something that was leaked by a Four-Star General:

I know this is hard to believe, but remember to take love and unity out the formula, for it’s not a variable of consideration at all.  The plan is absolutely diabolical.

The General also said that press covers and announcements have already been prepared, said Guerilla report about the upcoming controlled collapse of the US and its merger with Mexico and Canada by end of 2017

Because this post is so dire, here’s another disclosure that was reconstructed from two separate by similar documents.  Please set aside time to watch and absorb the most important parts.  For your convenience, here’s the transcript of the same video here.

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Operations Research Technical Manual, TW-SW7905.1, dated May 1979

Still not convinced?  Here are more sources that add light to a missing gold scandal and what appears to have been a thwarted “false flag” plot:

Please come back next week for more.  Until then, continue looking behind the curtains and stay strong in your heart and mind.  For humanity is much more powerful than we’re led to believe.  Your power lies in what you do and don’t believe.  Guard your faith, for it indeed is your gold reserve that can not be stolen without your permission!


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