Just when you thought the WW3 curtain was ready to drop on humanity, another act follows. An act wished for but against all hope never really expected: new players in the cast. What new players? The jury’s still out on their existence, but there are claims of new players called The Blue Avians, one of five beings belonging to the Sphere Being Alliance.

These Blue Avians have elected to speak through a whistleblower called GoodTxSG, who later came forth as Corey Goode.  As a messenger, he wishes to remain secondary to the message itself.  During the Cosmic Disclosure series Goode struck me as unsettled, nervous and introverted, as he attempted to unfold his story full of new and old revelations for me.

Since Season 1, the width and depth of Mr. Goode’s disclosure is growing from month to month.  In short, his narrative begins with his selection when just a youth, to participate in several classified operations. Later in life he was contacted by, what he believes to be, one of the five beings of the Sphere Being Alliance, called the Blue Avians. They came to block the movements and agenda of malevolent alien races on earth and our solar system and to give us a message: “We’re not your saviors! We need you to save yourselves.”

To fully explore Goode’s story go here. After you look over this website, you’ll find a wealth of information under the “News” tab.

To hear a summary of Goode’s story go here. A transcript of this audio can be found here.

Based on my own three-month review of Mr. Goode’s claim, here’s my position:

· Originally I ignored the GoodTxSG story, because when I first heard of it, it was tethered to David Wilcock, who I already did not trust due to his claims of being the mysterious mystic Edgar Cayce reincarnated.

· A well known forum in the whistle blowing circles, Project Avalon, originally interviewed Corey Goode under his alias GoodTxSG. However, as Goode’s claims stretched from Secret Space Programs to human slaves working on Mars and Inner Earth breakaway civilizations, Project Avalon dropped their interest in Goode with this note here:

Due to
a) the improbable nature of the many claims subsequently made by Corey Goode (GoodETxSG), and
b) certain actions taken in public and in private by Corey Goode himself,
the Project Avalon forum can no longer endorse this interview, or Corey Goode as a ‘whistleblower’ with any degree of integrity or veracity.

· No channeled information can be proven, one way or another, which renders it inadmissible as worthy corroborative information. However, David Wilcock constantly uses channeled content from the Law of One, to support Corey Goode’s claims.

· David Wilcock also during his interviews with Corey Goode says, “one of my contacts” says this or that, in support of Goode’s claims. The contact’s name is never revealed, so therefore unreliable.

· I, like Richard Dolan and others, believe it’s more likely that Goode is mixing a few truths with less than truths, all of which Goode may or may not believe (See here, around 1:09 timeline).

As I said in a former life (tongue and cheek), “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” One thing is for sure now. I will continue to follow Corey Goode’s narrative, but will apply all due diligence to keep his content on a neutral shelf unless I can match his content with known credible independent sources now or later.

What are your views?


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