Product Cover_Pursue Patience v3

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Ignorance is Bliss!”  Ignorance isn’t good against the law, but it can work to one’s advantage if they decide to do a new project, but lack the experience to realize just how challenging it can be!

I was first told by God to write a book about patience, in 2007.  My first excuse, was a reminder to God that I was probably the most impatience Christian on the planet.  I even remember God telling me once, that the reason why I had not gotten further along in Him, was because I only knew things in part.  I took that to mean, I never took the time to study unexciting books thoroughly.  Up till then, I had only studied isolated subjects and parts of Bible Books.  God began to lead me to read whole books or multiple books in one or more days.  As I did so, I began to experience something unusual.  New insights just floated up from my spirit.  And not just how-hum insights, but ones with far reaching implications.

The same thing happened while writing this book.  Some things surfaced that made my past over 30 years of walking with Christ, make more sense than ever before.  And I have come to a conclusion: No more excuses!  It’s time to move into the deeper things of God, all the while staying grounded in the beauty of the simple joys of life…very patiently.

If you’d like to purchase “Pursue Patience,” just go here!

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